I have heard this word a lot lately from various women I know. It seemed like a common thread among them. A sort of code for something bigger and scarier than they wanted to admit.

I dislike the word, no dislike is too nice. I despise the word. I feel like it’s a way to lower your value. Make it seem like what you are doing is okay because “Hey, I’m a coward”. I wonder where they got it from. Why do we just live our lives with this idea that being a coward is okay? Why do women feel like they can’t “handle” certain things or does it make them more appealing to men?

I get their fears, I really do but why do we let fears rule our lives? Why can’t we empower ourselves and not look for someone to empower us? Why do we raise our daughters to be self proclaimed “Cowards” instead of teaching them to be leaders, heros, and just strong women.

We need more strong women and not women who are comfortable with the label of “coward”.

Yet, I know many strong women and I’m proud to know them. I just wish there were more. History is full of amazing women, even Islamic history.

People out there, help our daughters, wives, sisters, friends and family members change the word coward to strong. Let’s see where that takes us.


2 thoughts on “Coward

  1. My grandma came to Abdul Hakim, the city I was born and live in, on the back of a horse with her first child clung to herself. She was not coward. We’re not cowards. And we’re proud of it.
    Sometimes, it’s a fashion to adopt a certain weakness that people find attractive in celebrities. That’s an open secret. People smile like their heroes. Women get haircuts like their favorite stars. It’s been there since always. Byron, the great poet, limped. His fans deliberately tried to limp. It’s all about your likes.
    The solution to such awkward character is to help our relations and ourselves in making reasonable, wise choices. We should know what’s behind of the veil of popular attraction. Unless we learn to mark genuine virtue from fake virtue, we’ll keep suffering from such weird snobberies.
    Thank you!

    1. Wow, strong woman your grandma was! Yes, I agree. We do adapt certain things because they are fashionable but sometimes it just goes beyond that. I hope we can get over these things but sometimes all you can do is hope!

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