8 months ago

8 Months ago, I brought my beautiful baby boy into this world. 8 months ago my life changed forever. 8 months ago I brought my smiling, silly, beautiful son into this world. 8 months ago I became a mom. Wow. I can’t believe it has been 8 months. 8 months of hardship, joy, tears, milestones, … More 8 months ago


I would like to know where time has gone. I have been away from this blog for 3 months or so..about the time I had Mr. Handsome and now my baby, is 3 months. How did this happen? Where has time gone? I mean, I remember the day we brought him home and he was … More Time


I have heard this word a lot lately from various women I know. It seemed like a common thread among them. A sort of code for something bigger and scarier than they wanted to admit. I dislike the word, no dislike is too nice. I despise the word. I feel like it’s a way to … More Coward