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It’s been a month


First, Happy New Years! I hope 2013 was fruitful and fulfilling for all and that 2014 brings more fruit and fulfillment. 

It has been a month since we brought home Mr. Handsome..A WHOLE MONTH! I can’t believe time has flown by so fast. I’m just amazed. 

So, I would like to share with you what I have learned in this month.

1. I never knew I could love someone so much that it hurts to be away from them. 

2. I never knew that I could love my husband so much more after seeing him with our son. 

3. Babies are messy. They spit up, throw up, pee, and poop constantly. It’s never-ending. Aren’t they supposed to be just cute? I mean, where did all this messy stuff come from.

4. They grow so fast. I mean, really really fast. One day my kid is swimming in his clothes and the next they are tight.

5. When Mr. Handsome smiles at me, my whole body melts. 

6. Sleep is hard to get when you constantly worry that your infant isn’t breathing. I literally check every 5 minutes. 

7. Babies don’t like water. He screams bloody murder every time we give him a bath. 

8. It gets easier as time passes. 

9. People give a lot of bad advice. 

10. I have learned that having a child does become manageable.

I look forward to more months with Mr. Handsome. Can’t wait to see what this new addition to our family brings. 

This isn’t a love story.


It’s a story non-the-less but it isn’t your typical love story. 

That is the line in my head. I don’t know why it is stuck there but it sure is. I have been reading a lot of entries on love InshAllah‘s website lately and I guess I just wanted to discuss it. Share with someone what I have read, learned and been enlightened by. This last post has caught my eye, my mind and my heart. It resonates with me on a very deep level. I felt what the writer felt and I shared her fears. 

I know where she is coming from and I know where it ends. It makes me realize that this just doesn’t happen to me. Other people have been through this, feel this and understand this. This isn’t a story that is unique to me and my family but people across the world have experienced it. 

And the amazing part is, we all have survived. We made it through and created our own stories, families and lives. It’s amazing how resilient a person can be. 



The other day I was walking home and I passed two ladies sitting at a restaurant. One older woman and the other was younger. I’m assuming they were mother and daughter. It made me miss my mom. 

I miss having lunch with her at panera. I miss her coming to visit me when I lived out of state and doing fun activities together, like the farmers market, checking out cool places around town. I miss our phone conversations. 

There are moments when I wish my mom lived here, in Amman. Because there are various things that happen around Amman that only my mom would want to go with me. Like garage sales. Now, I usually don’t enjoy them but sometimes you find good deals. At least my always did. Sometimes, when I go shopping and I pass a store that just screams “Mom” to me. It would be the place my mom would love and find all these weird yet oddly useful things inside it. She was always hunting for a good deal. I, sometimes, send her a photo message with good deals that I have gotten. I want her to be proud of me and share these moments with me even if she can’t be here in person. 

These moments make me wish there wasn’t this huge ocean between us. That we only lived a couple of hours away not countries away. Yet, I know that she is with me when I look at my good finds or some of the things she helped me purchase when I first got married. 

So, mom. Let’s have lunch. Just you and me. Somewhere, somehow. 

28 years and counting


I have recently turned 28. Yep, I’m getting older and closer to 30 (Yikes!) I’m not sure what scares me more…the fact that 30 is so near or that I don’t feel like I accomplished all that I wanted before 30. 

But in birthday tradition (a little late this year). I want to share 28 things I am thankful for. 

1. Allah 

2. Mr. Chemistry

3. Viber

4. Friends

5. Summer time

6. my home

7. My family

8. baking

9. my computer

10. being strong

11. laughter

12. stories

13. my kindle

14. books

15. Memories

16. Photography

17. My students

18. Beautiful Jordan

19. America

20. Air Planes

21. Tears

22. the world wide web

23. Ice cream

24. love

25. Jokes

26. the future ahead

27. Movies

28. the ability to laugh at myself

This list has changed over the years. I’m not the same person I was last year or the year before…but some things haven’t changed. Check out the old birthday posts, here, and here

Bring on the 28! 

I want…


I have been thinking about a the use of the words “I want….” We use it a lot as humans. We are constantly wanting something. From more time, more sleep, more money and the list goes on…So, I took it to facebook and asked what people wanted. 

These are some of the answers I got:

“To sleeep zzzzzzz”

“a winning lotto ticket!!”

“Me to come and see you” – this was from my cousin. Kinda made me sad and miss my family in the US just a little more. 

“To be comfortable in life “

Which got me thinking to what I want and there is so much but I think the most important thing I want is to be close to Allah and please Allah. I think it all comes down to that. Because money comes and goes, time is something we can learn to use more wisely and the rest is just stuff. 

So, what do you want?


Holiday Season Observations


We just passed one of the biggest holiday seasons, including Christmas, Eid, Thanksgiving and New years. I know people are gearing up for valentine’s day (Yuck) but that is a post for another day.

And I have made some observations. Now, I have seen Christmas in the US and I have seen what a huge deal  it is from families, retail stores and friends point of view but nothing compares to the shock I got in Jordan. 

I guess, it’s the first time in years that I have seen how much Christmas has impacted Jordan. I haven’t really been here around Christmas time since my early childhood  but now as an adult I see it in a different light or maybe it’s more mainstreamed now. 

I remember some of my Moms friends having trees, and seeing trees around town..but nothing like I see now. I also remember attending a christmas bazaar that was also attended by the American Ambassadors wife! Yes, the things you remember. I don’t remember shops having signs like they do now or ads…but then again…there weren’t malls in Jordan back then. (Yes, I feel old.)

I have never seen so many stores that put up decorations, sales, gift ideas and all kinds of promotions during this time. Jordan is changing and becoming a more diverse country and catering to that diversity which is cool…but on the flip side, why don’t they make this big of deal about Eid, Ramadan and other Islamic holidays? Or maybe I’m too desensitized to the Islamic Celebrations that I don’t notice. I don’t believe that is the case, though.

Here is why: This past Ramadan, I got to spend some time in Jerusalem during Ramadan, actually, the last couple of days of Ramadan and what I saw was amazing. Decorations all around the city for Ramadan, people being generous and just a great feel for Ramadan in the Holy Land. Homes around Al-Aqsa open to people praying to wash up, cool down and even offering hot tea. It was magical but then I come back to Jordan and it’s a completely different vibe. It just feels flat here, no excitement, no enjoyment just obligations. 

So, when Christmas came around. I noticed that a lot of local businesses had ads up, were asking people to come decorate their x-mas trees with them. Sent out Christmas greetings but these same businesses didn’t bother for Eid. Now, they could be Non-Muslims but some are….which doesn’t make sense to me. Why do we so willingly celebrate other people’s holidays but forget our own? Okay, maybe we can argue that people are secular Muslims but then why would they wish people a Merry Xmas and forget to wish a Happy Eid to other people.

In the end, I think times have changed and Allah knows what the world will be like when I have my own children. I just hope that I can guide them to the best path. InshAllah. 

Now, for people who want to complain. I am a Muslim from a Catholic mother and  a Muslim father. I wish my mother Merry Christmas every year and yes, I buy her a gift. (I got her something super cute this year, btw!) Why? because is my mother and as  Muslim I am taught to respect and love my parents regardless of their religion.