Where is my tribe?

I am a reader, so I read a lot of books, blogs and sites that have anything to do with motherhood. I hear about having friends, or tribes as some people call them. People you can call at any time and they will drop what they are doing and come to you. They will lift you up when you have been up for the 19th hour with a sick kid. People who make you feel like the soul crushing guilt you feel for letting your child use your phone to watch videos isn’t a big deal. People who return your calls, texts or emails in the same month. Heck, just text me to say, hi!

I don’t have that. Not for lack of trying, believe me. I have tried. I joined a Mommy group, I call friends I haven’t seen in a while in order to catch up. Yet, nothing seems to stick. Maybe I need some sticky tape?

Or maybe, this is a myth. Maybe people write this because it sounds good. It makes us feel better. I’m not sure but I’m tired of hearing it.

Maybe, we aren’t all meant to have this mythical tribe. Maybe it’s a unicorn. Heck, I’m not sure unicorns are that cool anyways. Yep. I will start a new trend.

We shall call it – Unicorn parenting. Okay, I will work on the name.





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