Tonight, I am sad.

I am sad. Not because something bad happened, or someone hurt my feelings but because I realized that my baby, Mr. handsome, is no longer a baby. He isn’t tiny enough to fit in my arms. He no longer coos when he is delighted to see me. He screams “Mommy”! He no longer is a baby and that is sad. It’s sad because those days are over. My son is 2 almost 3 and he is no longer a baby. It still amazes me every day how much he has grown and learned. How much I can love him. How much I love him that my heart is about to burst. But I’m sad because my baby is no longer a baby. My baby is a little boy. And I love him even more.


2 thoughts on “Tonight, I am sad.

  1. I “claim” I know what u mean (and feel). Our youngest is now a bit over 1.5 yrs. She is no longer a baby as well. Talking attempts are pretty much the thing now, the tiny everyday routine(s) r forever diminishing away.

    What I learnt, though, is that the memories do not fade away. Not because we can now better inventory them with all the technological advancements and what not but because they r there, inside us. FOR EVER!

    It is a bit sad to let go of the wonderful experiences of a baby. The first (everythings) but they r not gone entirely. They r there. That thought helps 🙂

    May Allah protect and keep your bond with your loved boy.

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