The other day I was walking home and I passed two ladies sitting at a restaurant. One older woman and the other was younger. I’m assuming they were mother and daughter. It made me miss my mom. 

I miss having lunch with her at panera. I miss her coming to visit me when I lived out of state and doing fun activities together, like the farmers market, checking out cool places around town. I miss our phone conversations. 

There are moments when I wish my mom lived here, in Amman. Because there are various things that happen around Amman that only my mom would want to go with me. Like garage sales. Now, I usually don’t enjoy them but sometimes you find good deals. At least my always did. Sometimes, when I go shopping and I pass a store that just screams “Mom” to me. It would be the place my mom would love and find all these weird yet oddly useful things inside it. She was always hunting for a good deal. I, sometimes, send her a photo message with good deals that I have gotten. I want her to be proud of me and share these moments with me even if she can’t be here in person. 

These moments make me wish there wasn’t this huge ocean between us. That we only lived a couple of hours away not countries away. Yet, I know that she is with me when I look at my good finds or some of the things she helped me purchase when I first got married. 

So, mom. Let’s have lunch. Just you and me. Somewhere, somehow. 

4 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. I can relate to how you feel. I too live far away from my parents. This far distance between Jordan and America made me take the decision of going back to Jordan to settle down.

    I hope you can see your mother more. I know Skyping or Facetime are not like being physically with the loved ones but they do help a lot.

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