I have come to the realization the other day that I am one impatient person. Now, don’t judge just yet. It’s not everything to makes me impatient…it’s just certain things. Like, this kid. I want to meet my baby and I don’t want to wait 9 months to do that! Except, I really don’t want the baby to come early…I just want time to pass very quickly. 

I have endless amounts of patience with kids and people and various situations in life. Like waiting in line, making food or helping kids grasp various concepts while teaching. So, it just seems odd when I can’t seem to wait for other things. Like my kid and getting everything ready for the kid and making sure I am ready for the kid. Mr. Chemistry is not like me, he has endless patience in every aspect of his life. He just doesn’t understand the urgency I have to buy a bassinet, car seat, clothes, dresses, bath tub, blankets, and other things this kid will need. We are trying to meet half way, I did buy the bassinet, car seat, and various cute clothes. So, we just have a couple of other things left. 

I’m sure I will be a little sad when the baby comes because I can no longer keep the baby safe inside of me and I have to expose the kid to this cruel world but for a little time I can keep them close and shelter them from the realities of this world. I’m sure I won’t be hoping my baby grows up too fast..that is one area I am looking forward to enjoying with endless amounts of patience. 

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