Generation TV

So, as some people know…We don’t have satellite TV at home. We just never got it installed and have lived without it.

The other day, at work…one of the ladies was talking about a new turkish soap opera and mentioned that I should watch it…apparently the guy is super dreamy. So, I informed her that I don’t have tv and she was shocked. Her response was “disconnected family” or something to that effect. I’m horrible at Arabic to English translation. I’m sure it was meant as a joke but I just paused to think about it.

Is a TV what keeps a family together? I mean, I usually thought that the TV was what kept families from talking, communication, sharing, enjoying each others company…not kept them together…but silly me.

I know that people crowd around the tv to watch Arab Idol or whatever other shows are out there…I guess, I just don’t really care for that stuff. 

What also is bothersome is the effect of tv that I have seen on my kids at school. The way they speak, the things they believe and just their ability to be mesmerized by any thing that is put on the projector. It truly does amaze me. I don’t think that is what I want my future children growing up with. I think a house without a tv or satellite is a house that spends time together…but then again, what do I know?

Or maybe I do know and people around me don’t. 


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