What are we teaching our kids?

This question has been popping up a lot lately. “What are we teaching our kids?” I have been noticing that I have had a lot of issues with my kids lately.

I have had kids repeating what their parents are saying but not only that using threats to get their way which makes you wonder what is being said at home.

but it’s not just something I see at school, in other places as well.

Today, Mr. Chemistry and I were out to lunch and in came a mother, 2 boys and their maid (I mean, come on…she has 2 kids!) Anyways, they sit down…order and the mom gets a phone call. She says something to the lady on the line about coming to her house…or something (yes, I was eavesdropping) and then gets up, goes to her car and drives off. Doesn’t say anything to the maid, waiter or the kids. Just. leaves. without. the. kids. LEAVES! 

but the thing that kills me the most was the kids didn’t even notice. It’s like who cares? She left? The kids were young, too. I would say between 7 and 10. I just can’t imagine ever leaving my children in a restaurant without saying a word to the staff or the help or just LEAVING them. Period. 

What is this mother teaching her children? Mommy doesn’t care? She has more important things to do? Why would we want to teach our children that?


I wish I knew. 

Having children is a privilege not a right, a gift from Allah that not everyone is blessed with and like all gifts they should be cared for, treated with respect and above all we should thank Allah for giving us this gift, not throwing it away. I hope I never forget that. 

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