7 year old logic

A couple of days ago, I was having some issues with my kiddos at school. They started this bad habit of erasing on their chairs and keeping the shavings. It got to the point that they would sit on the edge of the chair, leaning toward their erasing and erase with their hand sort of behind their backs in a way only a 7-year-old can do. I usually caught them and made them throw out their hard work. (Yes, I’m cruel.) The other day it just became too much to handle and I decided to have a little chat with the kiddos about it.

I explained that we should not waste our parents money by erasing and the fact that Allah gave them talents and that they should not be wasted on this kind of thing. I also threatened with the infamous “black dot” on our behavioral charts. 

So, one of my biggest perpetrators of this issue got on board with my chat and was telling me how he had missed half the work we were doing because he was too busy erasing, how they knew that their parents didn’t want them to do this, it’s a waste of time and it has no purpose. So, I thought “Hey, you got through to them! Way to go!” with a mental pat on the back.

Boy, was I wrong.

Not minutes after I finished my talk, did they start sharpening all their pencils and kept the shavings. They then informed the Arabic teacher that Ms. Samar told us that we can’t erase anymore but she didn’t say anything about sharpening. I’m sure their logic was “Well, my pencil needs to be sharpened and it’s not wasteful!”

It just made me laugh, because it’s so true. I just love how their little minds work. I love that they find ways to work around a problem instead of just giving up. I just wish they applied this same logic to their studies. I’m sure they will, someday. 

Until then, they will find ways to work around my “rules”. 


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