3 generations.

3 generations of women sat around the table making stuffed grape leaves. It was a labor of love and family togetherness. This was the scene at my grandma’s house a couple of nights ago. My grandma, aunt and myself all sat around making stuffed grape leaves for a lunch I was hosting. My aunt and grandma telling me to put less rice, roll more tightly or that I was doing a great job and catching on well. It was a labor of love on their part and I got stuffed grape leaves to show off to my guests and eat, of course.

It is so wonderful to have these moments with my family. I feel like knowledge is imparted over a shared activity that can’t be given any other way or time. Advice on the best way to make the dish, advice on how to cook it and not just that…it’s a time to share stories. My grandma talked about traditions and how “other” people make the same dish. We laughed about stories that everyone shared. Discussed the latest news in the family and of course caught up on the latest Turkish soap operas.

I still believe that nothing tops my grandma’s cooking but I can learn. 

I cherish these moments with my family, it’s a powerful experience. I just wish I remembered to take pictures. 



2 thoughts on “3 generations.

  1. Such gatherings are the (true) ingredients of happiness, what life is all about and should be revolved around!

    sa77a O hana

    * The after-story for this one is: 3 generations (males naturally) ate most of the food, never helped with dishes, and complained about the food in a way or another! 😛 😛

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