I want…

I have been thinking about a the use of the words “I want….” We use it a lot as humans. We are constantly wanting something. From more time, more sleep, more money and the list goes on…So, I took it to facebook and asked what people wanted. 

These are some of the answers I got:

“To sleeep zzzzzzz”

“a winning lotto ticket!!”

“Me to come and see you” – this was from my cousin. Kinda made me sad and miss my family in the US just a little more. 

“To be comfortable in life “

Which got me thinking to what I want and there is so much but I think the most important thing I want is to be close to Allah and please Allah. I think it all comes down to that. Because money comes and goes, time is something we can learn to use more wisely and the rest is just stuff. 

So, what do you want?



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