If you have nothing nice to say…

then keep your mouth shut! 

Yes, that was harsh but so were some words I heard the other day from a co-worker. Growing up, my mom constantly drilled it into our heads. “If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all” over and over again. I didn’t and still don’t always follow that advice but I do try to do my best. But it seems like in the Arab culture, if you have a comment. Make it. You think someone is fat. Tell them. You think the cake has too much cinnamon, tell the baker. You think the food is salty, let the cook know. You want to know why someone isn’t pregnant, ask because that isn’t a personal choice. 

You have nothing nice to say, say something negative. Because why keep it back? No one would get hurt. Oh, wait. Yeah, people do get hurt. Some comments do hurt. Some comments aren’t neccassary. Some people really just shouldn’t comment. 

But on the flip side, honesty is important and I’m an advocate for it…but a little flowery language goes a long way. I guess it’s one of those no win situations. Another piece of wisdom from my mom is “You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t” 

So, in the end. I just need to let comments roll off my back. Yet, I am human and I can’t let everything roll. Sometimes, it hurts and sometimes you just gotta cry. 

Hey, I am human, after all. 

4 thoughts on “If you have nothing nice to say…

  1. loool, it’s always nice to realize ones humanity .. 😀

    you’ve said it yourself, criticism is something really required in ones life, but one should always discriminate between the real criticism, and the “empty” criticism ..
    Arab culture, in most of the cases, don’t say the good things, they always dig for the bad ones, even in the most happy/optimistic situations .. it’s a built-in property, one can’t change, but can only adapt to, and learn to ignore ..

    this is my first visit, i hope my comment wasn’t too “aggressive” ..
    hope you’ll have a good day

    1. First, welcome to my blog and no your comment wasn’t aggressive at all 🙂

      You made a good point about real criticism and empty criticism…it seems in Arab culture there is a lot of empty criticism!

      Ah, if only I can learn to ignore…It’s a work in progress.

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