Save the beaters for last

Growing up, my mom was well known (and still is) for her desserts. She made amazing everything, from chocolate chip cookies to cinnamon rolls and all from scratch to boot. She is a baker and is super good at it. So, of course I ate a lot of these yummy things and got to help quiet a bit but my fondest memory was licking the beaters clean. It was a tradition, a job well done and a treat! My brother would get one and I would get the other. So, it was always fair…sometimes I got both. (Shhhh, don’t tell him!) 

The thing is, my grandma was a great baker as well. She would also let us clean the beaters. I even have a picture that currently sits in my living of my grandma (my Allah rest her soul) and I making some type of dough. I don’t know when it was taken but I know the house it was taken in. It was the house my mom grew up in Chicago. What a lovely house, with lovely memories. 


Today, as I was making some delicious (if I do say so myself) cheesecake brownies, I cleaned the beaters and it took me back to my childhood days of cleaning those beaters off and I was happy to not only have one but both beaters. SCORE! (Mr. Chemistry wasn’t home to enjoy the second)

Thank you Mom for allowing me to clean the beaters and making yummy things…which is a tradition I will continue with our kiddos, someday. Well, even now without our kiddos. 

It is in the genes, afterall. 



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