How did we get here?

Mr. Chemistry and I live near a hotel and this hotel happens to host  A LOT of weddings…I’m talking every-night-wedding-extrazganza-kinda-hotel. So, we get to hear all the lovely music they play. Sometimes it’s a DJ and sometimes it’s a singer…which equals us getting to relive our wedding which was nice the first night but not so much so after 60 or so of those nights with the same songs and the same valet screeching cars and kicking up dust in front of our home. 

With this nightly music melody comes the realization that our wedding songs are just the norm. Everyone plays pretty much the same songs. Makes ya kinda feel average. 

Tonight was no exception. 

Our perfect first home together, that had the right size everything has now become wedding central…So, I ask again. 

How did we get here?

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