Missed call

Lately, I seem to be missing some important phone calls. From my family, employers, friends and random people as well but today took the cake. 

I missed a phone call from my brother. Why is this so important? because my brother and I haven’t really been close…ever. 

As children, we used to fight like “cats and dogs” (as my mom would say) and as we grew older…the fights grew less and now we are able to just talk, joke and be nice to each other…for the most part. 

So, today when I missed his call…it was a little heart breaking. Here is my brother…trying to reach out and I missed it. I missed the opportunity to communicate, talk and share information with a person who until recently, I couldn’t understand…but now is a person that I want to get to know better and have a better relationship with. 

I want him to be in my life as much as I want to be in his. I want to share joys, sorrows and life events because I realize that he cares about me as much as I care about him. 

I also can’t wait to be an aunty! I want to spoil my niece or nephew…tell them stories about their father and I as children…the funny ones, of course. I want to help mold their idea about their father in a way that only a sister can. Share how he loved ninja turtles and power rangers growing up, is extremely good at guitar hero,  and loves movies but not any movies…the classics, like Gremlins and Aliens. 

I also want my future children to get to know their uncle who will always have their back because he has mine and love them in his own way. Probably tell funny stories about me as well and share some of our childhood memories. 

I’m not saying that I missed all this because of one missed call but it just makes you think twice about picking up the phone when you live continents away from each other…and connecting through the phone lines. Because one missed call can make a difference and I don’t plan on missing other calls…or at least I will try my best not to! 

So, think twice about rejecting those phone calls or just choosing not to answer or leaving your phone at home…Call that person back. You never know what they might have had to share. 

It might change your life or it might not, but at least you had the opportunity to find out. 



6 thoughts on “Missed call

  1. U gave me goosebumps! Really.

    May u 2 be in each others lives, to support, love, and care for.
    Ok, enough with the mushy stuff! lol

    Some tips:

    – ur sis in-law won`t like this post much 😛
    – I recommend not sharing the ninja turtles thingy! They will look down on both of ya! (digital kids era) 😛 😛

    – stop ignoring my calls! Eh!! 😛 😛 😛

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