Male Parking spots

I just read this article on and it made me think about driving in Jordan. Well, and tourism. 

The mayor of this town has designated parking spots that are “harder” to get into for men. It’s a publicity stunt and if you ask me…a pretty good one. Can you say ego stroking? If a man goes to this town and parks in this “male only” spot successfully, it will boost his ego and women will want to go just to prove that they are just as good drivers as men. 

To be honest, I kinda want to go there and try my parking skills. I think I’m a pretty good parker…but this could be a good test. 

I think they should make parking spots like that in Jordan along with beams between each spot. People can’t seem to park in just one space, they have to take up 2 or 3. You might say, why special parking spots…there is valet everywhere! Well, I have decided that I don’t trust the valet…from some of the things I have seen lately. So, I vote we have female parking spots!

Who is with me?

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