Tabouleh Bowl

Last night, I was making tabouleh. I love tabouleh…I could eat it all day, everyday but it takes time to make. As I was getting ready to start the chopping process, gathering my ingredients and utensils. I realized that I was missing something (well, a few things) but I was missing my tabouleh bowl. It’s a bowl that I bought from Ikea a couple of years ago and have used it as my tabouleh bowl ever since. 


It’s the perfect size, shape and depth. 
Sadly, I left it in the US. I couldn’t pack it along with my other things that I had to have (like my wedding dress and shoes) and I’m sure it would have been broken if I tried. 
Now, it sits in my mom’s basement, gathering dust and not being used. 
Yes, I’m over attached to a bowl and bowls can be replaced but it’s not just that. It’s the memories surrounding it. I like to keep things that remind me of different times in my life. Including: bowls, movie stubs, books, pieces of paper and clothing. It’s a reminder of all the good and bad times I had with people.
Now, I’m making new memories in a new place with new bowls and utensils. 
Yet, I still miss my tabouleh bowl. 
And yes, I also miss Ikea. 
So, here is to new tabouleh bowls and the memories that go along with it. 



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