People’s attire

While Mr. Chemistry and I were on vacation in Petra and Aqaba. I paid attention to what other people were wearing. Why? Because I like observing people and what they wear says a lot about them.

I noticed a lot of different things, including:

1. There were way too many dressed up for breakfast at 9am in the morning. I felt like I was watching a fashion show. Some of these women also had children and those children ran around like crazy while their mothers got breakfast.

2. Lots of women in full black while their husbands were wearing shorts and going swimming. It was way too hot for all black!

3. A lot of people went over board with the lack of clothes. I saw women walking around in skimpy bikinis and skin-tight dresses when they should have been covering it up a little more. (Okay, a lot more)

4. Some men can’t get out of the work attire. I saw a man wear slacks, a shirt and tie in Petra!

5. foreigners are more respectful of the “modesty standard” in Jordan than some Arabs are.

6. You can tell by the way someone dresses and know if they are on their honeymoon or not.

All in all, it was an interesting experience to visit these different places. I promise, I did pay attention to other things that what people were wearing! I enjoyed Petra and Aqaba a lot! 

I just found this aspect very educational, I guess.

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