Beauty is pain

I have come to the realization these past days that beauty is pain. I have heard this saying over and over again but it really has stuck once I decided to get married.

I have never been a girly girl, I don’t like make-up, dressing up or the color pink. I have always been a tom-boy and now that I have to act and look like a girl for my big day…I am realizing why I’m not a girly girl. It’s painful.

I have a high threshold for pain because I don’t take medications. I just don’t like them and to be completely honest, I have never learned how to swallow pills. (Yes, I admit it. I’m a 27-year-old who can’t swallow pills.) So, I have learned to deal with headaches, toothaches, backache and migraines. You just deal or sleep.

But this beauty stuff, that is a whole different story. It’s unnecessary pain that we women inflect on ourselves in the name of beauty. I’m not even talking about the big stuff, but the simple stuff. Like getting your nails done. Mine bled!! She was doing something to my nails (I couldn’t look) and my poor pinky started to bleed. I still have phantom pains in my fingers.

But to be honest, the only thing I have enjoyed so far is my facial. My face is fresh and I got to nap while she put the different masks on my face. So, maybe beauty isn’t all pain but there is sure a lot of pain involved!

So, ladies…Why do we do it?


3 thoughts on “Beauty is pain

  1. Dunno about other women but I like to be pretty, it makes me feel good and confident..I’m not very girly, I don’t wear heels and I barely put makeup on, but I do get my eyebrows done for example, and it hurts like a bitch…but I think it’s worth it cause I look 10 times prettier after 😛

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