The look of a bride

These past couple of days, I have been running around Amman looking for a dress for the sahara (the night before the wedding party). It has been insane trying to find something that 1. fits 2. isn’t skin-tight 3. isn’t outrageously expensive 4. isn’t overly ostentatious 5. is pretty.

Easy, right? Not so much so!

All they want to shove down my throat are these dresses that are ugly, form-fitting and too much bling on them but I wasn’t having it and finally after a couple of days of searching have found my dress (Alhamdullah).

Yet, this isn’t the point of the post. I just got sidetracked with my dress talk!

Anyways, when I walked into a store, I usually just said that I was looking for a fancy dress. The sales person would later find out that I was the bride and the look on their faces just was pure shock. “You? The bride?” they would say. I didn’t understand why it was so shocking to them.

I asked my aunt and she said I didn’t have the “Regular” bridal look which basically is a girl who has a lot of make-up on, dressed to impress, and has a “I have something you don’t” attitude going on. Well, I don’t wear make-up, I am usually in jeans and I don’t like the whole I’m-better-than-you-because-I’m-engaged attitude.

So, no. I don’t look like a bride and I don’t want to. I want to look like me, Samar. The girl who existed before she got engaged and became a 2-some instead of a 1-some. Yes, there will be changes but that is to be expected not the whole attitude make-over.

So, when shop keepers are shocked to hear that I am engaged and getting married in the near future that makes me happy because it means I haven’t become a bridezilla.

No one wants to deal with a bridezilla and that isn’t how I want to be remembered or remember my wedding. Maybe I don’t look like a typical bride but I’m content with the look I have and that is all that matters.

Advice for all the future brides, don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s not worth it in the end. From the invitations to the location. Enjoy the moments you have with your fiance because those are memories worth making. Not the constant worrying about the color of the invitations or the wedding car.


5 thoughts on “The look of a bride

  1. no worrying! Well, I`ll remember that the 2nd time I get married, lool (which is never, put down the rifle now dear) 😛

    Checking the posts I missed,,, the big day awaits! 🙂

    Hope it will be a great one indeed. And as the saying goes ,,, the wedding night is for the families not the husband & wife to be 😀

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