Today, I was at the mosque in downtown Amman with a friend who recently converted to Islam. (MashAllah) We were going to pray and she was asking me how to pronounce things correctly and pray correctly which got me to thinking about things that we as Muslims take for granted.

I have come to the realization that a person who is born as a Muslim, like myself, take a lot of things about the religion for granted. Like praying, fasting, wearing hijab and other things as well. We don’t have to think twice about whether our families will accept the fact that we pray or wear hijab. (Not all, but some) It’s just something you do as a Muslim. I’m not saying everyone is the same way but some people are just like that. I was one of those people before I moved to the US. I took my religion for granted because I just did things because we had to. I didn’t ask many questions about the “why’s” After I moved to the US, I started getting asked questions that I didn’t know how to answer. Like: “Why do you cover?” “Why can men marry 4 wives?” and so on. So, I started to learn more about religion and truly understand it. It would seem like something I should have done before but I never really asked the tough questions because I just took it for granted. 

Now, I know answers to the different questions that people ask and I can say that I really appreciate my religion more and more because of it.

I learned a lot in the US but what I gained the most out of my time there was more knowledge about my religion and I am thankful to Allah (God) for that.

2 thoughts on “Granted

  1. Looong time no visit!
    🙂 +:(

    This was a very nice read Wallahy, thanks.
    We do take fundamental things 4 granted indeed, til some1/something happens and brings us back to its uniqueness/importance!

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