Bridal Expo in Amman

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Chemistry and I went to a bridal expo. I was bent on going because I wanted to get ideas for our wedding and see if they had any good deals.

Well, it was an interesting experience to say the least. The event catered to mostly upper class weddings. People who can afford to go on a $800 per person cruise or afford 1jd wedding invitations (We are inviting around 400 people, mind you).

They also had a fashion show. It was a sight to see! One of the models was making eyes at a guy in the audience, another model tripped over her dress (To her defense, it wasn’t completely her fault. The floor was uneven and her dress was too long)

Some of the dresses were pretty and some were ugly but it was a little pointless for me since I bought my dress in December.

I did gain one good thing out of the experience…and it was the Trendesign magizine. Such a cool magazine! And awesome ideas!

So, the evening wasn’t a total waste but it wasn’t a huge success. Why aren’t there bridal expos for people who don’t have millions to spend on a wedding? Oh, and while I am at it…Why are wedding so expensive? 


2 thoughts on “Bridal Expo in Amman

  1. Ack, I completely feel your pain. I’m getting married next summer and went to my first bridal expo a few weeks ago.. it was really overwhelming. I have to say that I mostly just wanted to win the prizes! I’ve been getting a million phone calls ever since. Note to self- use fake phone number next time! 🙂

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