Funny things that kids say.

I recently got a job..(YAY!!!!) I’m going to be teaching at an elementary school, not my dream job but I love the kids!

I love their innocence, honesty and the things they say!

After my first week, some of my students were comfortable enough to say some things to me. Like “Miss Samar (pronounced Miss Summer) you make me so hot” – Mind you a 2nd grade girl said that to me…It was sweet and innocent and I LOVED IT!

“Miss Samar, it gets so hot when you come into our class” (as they fan themselves)

Another 2nd grade boy said to me, as he was making a picture frame during activity time. “Miss Samar, I love you” How can that not make your heart melt? He was dead serious too!

“Miss you are so tall!”

It has been fun getting to know the kids, listening to their stories, fixing their problems, and teaching them some new things.

Children are so precious. It makes me sad when parents don’t enjoy their children or say unkind things to them.

Children are a gift from Allah, don’t forget that.

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