“Removing any harm from the road is charity (that will be rewarded by Allah)”

Today, as I was walking to the main road going downhill to get a taxi. I slipped on a plastic cup and twisted my ankle. The ironic part was that the garbage man was on the other side of the road cleaning up the mess there. It seems that people think the street is just a large garbage can that they can use anytime.

I’m not a fan of littering, and don’t like that its common practice in Jordan. It’s a nasty habit that people don’t seem to think is wrong. This baffles me. 

I have asked people why they litter and I get different answers from “Garbage men wouldn’t have a job” to “I don’t care”

Yet some of these people call themselves Muslims and practicing Muslims. How do we forget some things but remember others? How do people walk around saying this is “haram” and that is “haram” but still litter?

Stop littering, please.

I would like to not twist my other ankle because someone decided that the road was their garbage can.

It hurts.

Oh, and it hurts the environment.


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