Ode to my cousin

Allah didn’t bless me with a sister around my age. My parents stopped after I was born and they bore a son before me. I do love my brother but it’s not the same as a sister or so I believe. You can’t talk to a brother about girlie stuff. He doesn’t get it or want to hear it. He also wants to fix things. Sometimes, I just need you to listen.

But Allah is amazing in the sense that he blessed me with a cousin around my age. She is a year older than me and we have been like sisters since a very young age. We played together, had sleepovers (and still do), gossiped, talked about boys (and still do) and shared our sorrow, happiness and joyful moments. Like all sisters, we fight but we still feel connected to each other. Even though I lived in the US and she was in Jordan we tried to stay in touch and when I came to visit for the first time in 2008, she was at the airport waiting for me. It’s like we never parted. I am lucky to still call my cousin my friend and confidant and yes, we are having a sleep over tonight.

Alhamdullah for cousins. Well, girl cousins that is!


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