Craving attention

Today, I was at a salon trying to figure out where I will get my make-up and hair done for the wedding. (I figured it out, in case you are wondering. Side note, I hate make-up).

As I was sitting there talking to the lady, another lady walked in and wanted to exchange a necklace she had purchased from the salon. She didn’t want it anymore because when she wore it because and I quote “No one asked me where I got it from, how much it cost or anything but they did say that it didn’t look like real gold.”

That baffled me! Why would it matter if other people didn’t comment? Does it make you like it less? Or is it worth less?

Why does it matter if people like or don’t like the necklace?

Maybe it’s my “American” ways but I wear things that I like and not because someone else will comment on how pretty/cool/interesting/expensive something is.

And why is this woman’s self worth tied to her “friends” opinions of her? Why do we as women in general care so much about being “different” and standing out by what we wear, and not what we do.Yet, it doesn’t stop there. We want people to comment about how amazing/fantastic/different/unique we are.

Self worth should come from within, not from what other people think of us.

Oh, how I love observing people.


2 thoughts on “Craving attention

  1. I know what you mean. It is ridiculous to want to return something due to the lack of compliments or the lack of positive comments. Whomever said those things about the necklace is shallow and petty. However, I think I would be considered hypocritical if I didn’t mention that I put great stock in what others’ think about my appearance. Whether right or wrong, it is the way I work. With that being said, I would not return an item because of someone’s lack of notice. I have a dress that I fell in love with the first time I put it on. I kept returning to the store to try it on as I contemplated its purchase. I bought it and told everyone I knew how fabulous the dress was and that I found just the right accessories and I was really excited to wear it. At the wedding, I didn’t receive any weird stares or hear any snide comments. No one asked me where I bought such a hideous garment (I will say that it was second hand and there’s nothing wrong with that!). I had no moments of self-consciousness during the wedding. Fast-forward to seeing the family photos. I couldn’t believe it! There I was, wearing the dress I THOUGHT looked good, and looking frightfully gigantic. It could have been a moo-moo. Of course I didn’t return the dress, but I’ve never worn it again.

    If this makes sense to you, check out my blog. If this makes NO sense, check out my blog and you will see this is the actual way I think and write.

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