Much love for grand cinema

On Friday, my cousin and I decided to go watch a movie, Mirror Mirror, at Grand Cinema in City Mall after a fruitless shopping trip. (I have a lot of fruitless shopping trips)

During the movie, I heard a thunk and thought it was something that I dropped but when I looked down I couldn’t see anything. So, I continued on and left. After I got home, I couldn’t find my iPod and I thought it was due to the fact that half my closet was on my extra bed. (Yes, pretty normal) So, today I was looking high and low for my iPod and couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. My grandma was looking, I was looking, the maid was looking. I called my cousin to see if I had left it at her house but I hadn’t.

In the back of my mind, I thought it could still be at the cinema…So, I called and the professional staff at Grand Cinema had it! HOW AWESOME!!! They were very respectful, courteous and efficient. I, seriously, wanted to hug the guy who gave me my iPod back but I didn’t. (Mr. Chemistry was with me but not that I would have hugged him, anyway)

So, I have much love for Grand Cinema staff in City mall. I thought my iPod was a goner but I was shocked when I called and they actually had it.

I love that I can still be shocked, in a good way, by customer service in Amman.

And what kind of day would not be complete without me losing something else. I got out of the taxi and forgot to grab my resume that I had just printed up. Hey, at least it wasn’t my iPod or kindle.


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