Lost in Chaos

When I first got to Jordan and after getting my bags (they were lost). I realized that I had forgotten many things. Like, a pair of my FAVORITE jeans, t-shirts, pictures, iPod cable, tripod for my camera and most importantly my COLLEGE DIPLOMA. The 2 most important things to have not forgotten were my college diploma and favorite jeans (I’m picky when it comes to jeans and when I find a pair I like, I hoard.)…So, I called my mom in the US and she can’t find it and I called my college in the US and it takes 6 weeks to get it printed again. 6 WEEKS!

I don’t have 6 weeks, people. I don’t.

Who loses their college diploma, anyways? Me, apparently.

I have been known to lose many things, my passport, jewelry, clothes, socks, cell phone, keys and shoes. It is most likely due to the fact that I can’t seem to stay in one place for very long. All my international moving is causing me to lose things that I find dear but they are just things in the end. Except my college diploma or my favorite jeans. Those are things to be treasured.

So, as a mourn the loss of jeans and my college diploma I have realized that I have been in a transitional state for the past 3 years. I haven’t really spent much time in any place and now it seems that all this will calm down after June (Maybe getting married will be a good thing for me). I will be living in one place, with one person (Mr. Chemistry), for the rest of my life (InshAllah) and hopefully I won’t lose too many things. (Well, maybe socks. I tend to lose them to the laundry monster)

I’m just glad that I haven’t lost my mind yet, or have I?


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