Things not to ask me about

When I left the US the first time in 2009, a co-worker and I had made lists of “Things not to talk to Samar/Amy about”


Moving to Amman in 2009 list.

To be honest, this list makes me laugh when I think about that period of my life and all the changes that have happened. I’m glad I took a picture of this, because it’s a good reminder.

My co-worker's list


I don’t know what made me think of this list tonight, but it most likely had something to do with the fact that people seem to ask me the same questions over and over again. Believe me, I have zero updates.

I realize that I have some huge changes in my life coming up but I will share if I have news. I promise. Scouts Honor. Really.

So, I have decided to make a new list.

Yes, I love lists.

1. Do not ask me if we have booked a hall for the wedding. We have.

2. Do not ask me if we have found an apartment. It’s not easy to find an apartment that suits our needs.

3. Do not ask me about my job search progress. I am searching, really.

4. Do not ask me if I can cook. I can cook and not just eggs.

Now, I realize that people ask because they care and I get it but sometimes I wonder if they are doing it out of curiosity, something to talk about or just plain interest.

Maybe it’s all of the above or none.

5 thoughts on “Things not to ask me about

  1. what is left to ask then! :S lol

    * best of luck in job/apartment hunting, it`s sO daunting for sure
    ** cooking “eggs” is a serious thing, plz don`t underestimate that 😛 (I know only that cooking, soooooo ) 😀

    1. Well, you can ask me these questions…but not all the time. Once a month, maybe?! Thanks, I’m going to need it! Haha, cooking eggs is no easy task but it’s a simple task.

    1. Oh, the questions will never end! That I can promise you from now…but having lists like this do help!

      Thanks for visiting and good luck with your move to Jordan, it’s a wonderful place to be 🙂

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