Irony in unusual places.

Last night, I was sitting in the living room near the romo (portable heater) because it was cold and spending time with the family. Arab Idol was on, and in this household, they are HUGE fans! I am not much of an Arab Idol or any other Idol watcher so I had my kindle in hand and was reading a book, A game of Thrones. My uncle looks over and says “What are you reading?” My grandma pipes in “She is always reading” My other uncle says “She always has a book in her hands” and I just say “A book”. My uncle then asks “Is it a novel?” and I say “Yes” and then I am told that I should read something more useful…while they are watching Arab Idol.

Oh, the Irony.

I like to read, it takes me to new places, new ideas and yes it’s a way of escaping. Why do we always assume that novels aren’t useful? I have learned new words, styles in writing and I truly believe there is an undertone of reality to most books. People write about their experiences and disguise it as fiction, sometimes.

I dislike being labeled “An American” for choosing to read or it being used as a bad habit. Yes, I am an American but I am also a Muslim, a Woman, An Arab, and a person who enjoys reading.

Rant over.


6 thoughts on “Irony in unusual places.

  1. I love the series. Right now I am reading clash of kings. I Am very addicted. As for the irony,that made me laugh! I can picture the whole incident in my head 🙂

    1. I am trying to get into it…but I can’t keep up with all the stories yet..does it get easier?? It seems good! Yes, the whole incident was pretty funny afterwards!! 🙂

      1. There’s an hbo tv show that came out last year called game of thrones, you should watch it. That’s how I got into the books. I enjoy the stories.

  2. Every time I was in rural community in El Salvador, someone would make a comment about me studying. There just wasn’t a culture of reading, and hardly anyone could relate to reading for pleasure.

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