My new addiction: Pintrest

I love the internet. I think it’s an amazing invention that has added so much color to my life but not just the internet..more particularly, Google. As some of you know, I google A LOT! From ways to spell a word to names of people. I sometimes google myself to see what comes up, try it…it’s fun!

But now I have found a new love by the name of Pintrest. It’s a virtual pegboard that you can scour the internet for anything and everything and “pin it” to your boards. I have a number of boards including: food, photography, wedding ideas and stuff for our future home.

I have found out how to make bath crayons, cakes in a jar and a cool canvas light fixture that would look great in our future apartment. How could you not love these ideas?

When my co-workers in the US first mentioned it, I thought “who cares” but now I understand the addiction.

So, I have decided to share with the world…I love pintrest and think you should too!

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