I have been sitting here for the past 5 minutes alternating between looking at this blank wordpress page and playing a game of cards on my computer. I can’t seem to decide what to write about as the ideas swirl around in my head. I say different phrases in my mind that want to be spoken, written or just let out but I can’t seem to get them into a sentence or paragraph.

I feel boring lately and for a person who is rarely bored, that is pretty big. People ask me “what is new?” and I don’t have much to say…because it’s all been said before, all been shared and the most exciting thing I have done lately is watch movies, read lots of blogs, news and eat…I’m sure I’m selling myself short but I just don’t know what to say anymore. With close friends, the words just flow but with people that I don’t know very well…they don’t. I’m reserved, shy and quiet.

I’m adjusting to my new world view, slowly. I could say that would be my word lately – Slowly.

If I was racing against a turtle, I’m sure the turtle would win.

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