Forbidden due to Love or Control?

I was reading a series set in the late 1800’s. The main character is a Lady who has a knack for solving crimes. She has recently gotten married and due to some of her adventures lost a baby she was carrying. Her husband has forbidden her to do anything that could cause her harm which has put a damper on her spirit, as she puts it but she does realize that he is doing it out of love for her and her well being.

I realize the book I am referring to is based in the 1800’s and women didn’t even have the vote then…but I think it’s a theme that has made it past the 1800’s and into the 21st century as well.

Which brings me to why I wrote the background story. In the Arab world, women aren’t “allowed” to do certain things. I’m not sure if “allowed” is the correct word or strongly discouraged would be better? Yet, people find that women are deprived here which to some extent they are…but what is the difference between forbidding someone to do it out of love for that person?

Why is it that when an Arab or Muslim woman can’t do something it’s control but for a non-Muslim it’s considered love?

I’m not saying that things are perfect but there is a difference between love and control and we can’t consider something controlling because people don’t agree with it or don’t understand.

Sometimes there is wisdom behind things that we might not understand yet or ever will. Sometimes, we just have to have faith in Allah (God).


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