When did I become a “We”?

The other day Mr. Chemistry and I were walking in Jabal Amman, enjoying a nice day together and Mr. Chemistry gets a phone call from a friend who would like to invite us to dinner.

He says something like “We don’t have anything going on this week.” and that is when it hit me, I have become a “We”. Now, this should have hit me before hand but at that moment it really stuck.

I can make plans for “Us” and not just “Me” and I can use things like “We” this and “We” that because I was in fact a “We” and no longer a “Me” or “I”.

Yes, there is still room for “Me” and “I” but that room just got smaller.

I’m still adjusting to this new-found information. I am a kind of person where things hit me hard and that is usually when I get it.

I remember the first apartment I lived in after graduating from college. It was a ground floor apartment that I took because I had no other options and needed a place to live. I had gone shopping for household things and was putting away my dishes that I had just bought and that is when it hit me. I’m a grown up, living in my own apartment and it scared me. So, I called my mom and bawled my eyes out. She reassured me that all would work out and that I could do it.

And that is how I felt when I heard “We” come out of Mr. Chemistry’s mouth. It just hit me and hard but this time I didn’t call my mom and bawl my eyes out instead I smiled inwardly and just held his hand, I guess my reactions to things has also grown up.

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