The Golden Rule in Jordan

In Jordanian society (from what I have seen and experienced), there are a lot of contradictions. From family, to taxi drivers.

A year or so ago, I had a conversation with 2 of my teenage male cousins about girls. (UH-OH) I was asking them why they were okay with talking to a girl and “date” her but wouldn’t be okay if I did the same thing. The only thing they could say was “She isn’t my sister, cousin, etc..) but then I tried to be logical (Silly me!) and mentioned that this girl also has a brother, cousin, etc…then I just got huffs and “You don’t understand, Samar”

Maybe it’s my age? (I am getting old, haven’t been a teenager in years!) Or Maybe my logic if flawed? Or Maybe it’s my “American ways”? Or maybe just maybe I’m right? Admitting someone is right is hard, believe me, I know. 

Another thing that irks me is, Taxi drivers in Jordan.

Yesterday, my cousin and I were taking a taxi and the guy was trying to take us the long route but when I corrected him and asked him to take another route he complained about the traffic, time lost in traffic and the money he will lose because I want to save 15 piasters and how if I had worked a day as a taxi driver then I would understand.

I think he brought up some good points, I don’t know what it’s like to be a taxi driver but I do know what it is like to work with customers, I did work in a clothing store from age 17 until about 23 and I get customers service, really, I do.

I have been yelled at, complained to and about, picked up after people and worked for pennies to a dollar and learned how to work with people, laugh at the randomness and learned how to fold my clothes professionally.

But for me, it always goes back to the “The Golden Rule”. I respect other people because I would like to be respected and it’s largely due to my faith in Allah.

“The most righteous person is the one who consents for other people what he consents for himself, and who dislikes for them what he dislikes for himself.” – Hadith

“None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.” Hadith in al-Bukhari

So, dear cousins, taxi drivers, waiters, and gas attendants of Amman, I wish you the best because that is what I would wish for myself.


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