It’s a success…sort of.

Ladies and Gentleman, the wedding dress is in Jordan! Alhamdullah!

For those of you who are wondering what I am talking about, here is part 1 to this story.

It’s a half win because I was so bent on getting my wedding dress to Jordan that it didn’t occur to me that anything else could go wrong. Both my checked bags were left in London. :/

When I got off the plane, collected my dress from the nice flight attendant, got through immigration and went to look for my bags…I waited and waited but they didn’t come. So, the baggage handler dude came over and said that there were no more bags and that mine were not back there. (He Checked)

So, off the baggage claim we went…and come to find out that the name on my bags was not my name. How did this happen? I’m not sure and it never occurred to me to check and make sure. So, they got left behind and I have been in Amman 2 days…hoping they will appear soon. I really would like to wear some different clothes!

If this is the worse that could happen, then I’m satisfied with my journey. I felt like I got to connect with different people over something that happens in every culture, Weddings. People zoomed in on the wedding dress and just opened up about their own weddings, proposals or just asked when mine was. It was nice to have something to talk to people about besides “What is that thing on your head?” Or “Do you get hot?” Or “Why do you wear it?” Or “Why don’t you take it off?” Or my personal favorite “Are you a Nun?” Not that I mind those questions, but it’s nice to find a happy thing to connect about. Hijab isn’t always a happy topic for people.

Oh, the things that connect us.

3 thoughts on “It’s a success…sort of.

  1. “I was so bent on getting my wedding dress to Jordan”
    Man, women DO really like their wedding dress 🙂

    Usually, suitcases are just miss placed. Rarely, they are lost for good. So, hopefully you get yours soon.

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