Are you getting married?

This is the question people have been asking me for the last 15 hours or so. Why would someone ask me that question? Because I am currently traveling from the US to Amman with a HUGE bag that is stamped with “DAVID’S BRIDAL” If that isn’t an indication…I don’t know what is!

I’m sure you are wondering how my travel experience has gone so far. Well, let me tell you!

First, the TSA dude told me that I could only have 2 carry on bags. I had 3 and had to either check one in or condense. So, I condensed into my dress bag. What else is a girl to do? Well, not take all of her worldly belongings to Jordan or be creative? Maybe I should make a correction…not take my shoes??

After that fun experience, I had to get the “pat down” the ladies were super nice about it and they asked me questions about the wedding, where I got the dress and all that good stuff and the lovely flight attendant hung it up for me on the plane…That ended and now I’m currently in London where I have gotten “Congratuations” to “Are you getting married?” to “I don’t want to crush your gown in the x-ray machine…but I’m cool because I have been doing a lot of crushing!

I also get lots of random smiles and stares from people…Has no one ever traveled with a wedding gown before?

I’m glad that I’m half-way done and I believe that I am winning this game!


7 thoughts on “Are you getting married?

  1. That is a story to remember and tell your children, Insh’Allah 🙂
    If you got stares in America and Europe I wonder what Jordanians’ reaction would be in the airport 🙂
    Alef mabrook!

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