Me + a Wedding dress Vs. 13hr flight + 3 hour layover, who will win?

This weekend, I am making the trip back to Jordan. I’m very familiar with this journey because in the last 2 years I have made it at least 3 times. One could say that I am an “expert” traveler. This trip is a little different. I am not only moving back to Jordan but also getting married in the next 6 months. (Yeah, I’m still in shock!) Since I have decided to wisely or unwisely buy my dress in the US. I have to carry it with me to Jordan.

I being the stubborn person I am who also happens to hate direct flights have oh so smartly decided to book a flight with a layover. You must ask now, did you buy your wedding dress first or the flight? Well, I bought my wedding dress first. Yep, I’m a winner. I feel that this is similar to the who came first question..The chicken or the egg, which scientists have solved. It’s the chicken. So, I will equate my wedding dress with the chicken. People have worn wedding dresses before flying.

BUT since I do call myself an “expert” traveler, why didn’t I realize that traveling with a wedding dress would be difficult? That is a good question that I have yet to answer.

Maybe I just need a little drama when I travel, make the trip more exciting…or just frustrating. I’m sure this will be a good story to tell when it’s all said and done but for now, it’s a huge worry.

Who will win? I’m not sure. I do hope it’s me and the wedding dress but I can’t be sure.

I say bring it on TSA, Airline people and anyone who will be in the way of me and my wedding dress!



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