Are you in Love?

That was the question I got for the past 3 days while visiting friends in my old city. I wasn’t offended but surprised that someone would ask me that and not surprised in a bad way. More of a “Huh, that never occurred to me” way. And not in a “Love never occurred to me way”. But in a “Love was the last thing I thought about through the getting engaged process”. Okay, Love wasn’t the last thing I thought about but it wasn’t on top of the list! 

I digress, it caught me by surprise and I was honest with my friends. The question got me thinking about love and what it means.

So, I googled and this is what I found.

Love: strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.

I also decided to see what some poets thought about love and this quote by Rumi stuck out to me. “We love: that’s why life is full of so many wonderful things”

I also took the question of love to facebook and these are the responses I got:

“another meaning for the word Fusion”

“Love is faith”

“it means acting with kindness”

“Respect, understanding and comfort.”

“share life together side by side, give don’t expect, advise but not order, ask but not demand”

“Feeling complete, content, whole, everything is right in the world.”

Love is something that humans have been trying to figure out since the dawn of time. I’m not sure they have yet, but I wonder if they ever will.

I always think back to advice my late grandma (on my mom’s side) gave me one time while I was visiting her. I have no idea why she said that to me but she did and it has stuck with me. She said to me: “Samar, you will learn to love your husband”

She was a wise woman.

Are you in love?


2 thoughts on “Are you in Love?

  1. Love is a choice, and a verb. The ‘in love’ phase of love is lovely, but as much chemical as emotional. The heart should be led by the mind, not the other way around. And definitely not led by the desires of the body – which are fickle – although that is a major part of it all.

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