Learning to let go.

I recently sold my car, which was really hard to do. I have had this car since 2004 and it has been with me through college, first job, first apartment, a couple of tickets (more like 3), being lost (mentally and physically), across state borders and many more memories.

To say that I am attached to my car is an understatement. It was my means of escape when I needed it and it sure is hard not to have that safety net anymore.

What made the sale easier was the nice gentleman at the car place. He was kind, understanding and a good conversationalist. The process was easy until I hit the train station to get back home and realized that I just let go of my Betsy (Yes, I named my car). The tears welled up in my eyes and everything hit. The fact that I am moving to Jordan, getting married, leaving the US along with my friends, family and life I have known for some time and then I also realized that it’s okay because I have faith in Allah and Mr. Chemistry (Do you feel the pressure, Mr Chemistry?)

So, I am learning to let go of some possessions because in the end…They are just things. And things can be replaced.

What have you let go of lately?

12 thoughts on “Learning to let go.

  1. The last two months of 2011 were a historical moment in my life. I let go something that I had never imagined I have the gut to do it. I let go my PhD dissertation adviser after seven years of unhealthy relationship. More details will posted on my blog soon. Yes, that was something. Good luck with you new life. Wish you all the best!

  2. Trust me, letting go of your car is nothing compared to letting go of who you are. After I left the States back in the 80’s to go to Yemen, I felt like I was loosing a part of me.
    I guess these days people are more accepting to “children of the west”, but back then we felt like we were aliens.
    Good luck with your journey sweetie. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m sure that was a hard transition. I know my mom had a hard time adjusting to life in Jordan in the early 90’s.

      You know, I don’t think they are more accepting. It’s more common place but I’m not sure about the accepting. I think it has to do more with us accepting ourselves (which I am working on)


  3. Congratulations first of all!!! Hmmm on letting go….I don’t have an issue with letting go physical or material things because I know I can always buy another-in fact it’s fun to buy another. Mine are more in terms of decisions, regrets, whatifs…things like that. I’m in the process of letting go a past relationship and letting go of all those feelings of me not giving it enough of a chance to work out. I have to let go the regret of me of not accepting a position in another city that I had the chance to a couple months ago. things like that…

    1. Thanks!! Yes, I do agree. Buying another can be fun but it’s not just letting go of the thing but I feel like I am letting go of the memory. Maybe just think that the position wasn’t right for you and if it was then you would get another opportunity. I sure hope so 🙂

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