Becoming more Arab

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin said to me “You are becoming more Arab”

A couple of seconds passed before I asked “How?” She then proceeded to tell me that I use a lot more flowery language.

I will have to agree that I am learning to use more flowery language. What is this flowery language you ask? It’s over complimenting (in my opinion). For example, When someone says to you “Oh, that is a nice shirt.” I would normally say “Thanks” but the flowery way of answering is “Your eyes are beautiful” (It sounds better in Arabic, less creepy).

In most Arab settings, this is the expected way to answer. I have been learning to master the use of flowery words for over 2 years and now I have reached the noticeable point.

Yet, I find it’s easier for me to converse with someone in English and who is not Arab. I am the product of my environment in that sense. I have lived in the US for most of my teenage years and early adulthood. I have learned most of my “small talk” skills in the US through work and have never had many opportunities to mingle with Arabs. I guess you could say that I am a late bloomer.

Now that I am on moving back to Jordan, I will have to put my flowery language skills to good use and grow more and more accustomed to it. Alhamdullah (Thanks to Allah) for putting Mr. Chemistry in my life who is a good conversationalist and is helping me learn the correct times to use a variety of Arabic phrases.


8 thoughts on “Becoming more Arab

    1. Yes, I sure am….It’s a tad crazy but it’s worth it and he is worth it.

      Yes, we sure do. It’s like using the word “I’m sorry” too much or a number of other words that are used too often that they lose meaning.

  1. we don`t do that
    ! It`s a matter of perspective 😛
    “yeah right” 😀

    u know samar, my 1st lang. is Chechen and it`s a “rigid” lang. ,, sort of ,, so I can relate to what u say veryyyyy much 🙂

    safe trip back “home” 🙂

    some1 ought to make a website for such a thing btw 😛

    1. Haha, yes..we don’t do that at all! 😛

      Interesting, I didn’t know Arabic was your second language or is English? Well, I’m glad someone else understands as well.


      Maybe you could make this website!!

  2. Fun to hear things with Mr,. Chemistry are progressing. Oh, was there another topic on this post? 😉

    Using flowery phrases is what fools people into thinking I can speak Arabic well. I like to collect them

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