All American Muslim

This show is getting a lot of airtime, news time, twitter time, and facebook time. There are a lot of people discussing this new show on TLC and how Lowes pulled it’s ads from the show. 

I, personally, haven’t seen it yet. I’m nervous about watching it for a number of reasons.

1. It’s reality TV. Enough Said. Reality TV has a way of distorting the truth and picking the most “interesting” candidates. They will most likely bring a lot of controversy and cause people to think that ALL Muslims are like that which isn’t the case. Again, I haven’t seen the show.

2. It’s based in Dearborn, MI which is considered Arab town. Now, Arabs don’t make up the majority of Muslims but roughly 12%. So, that is another issue with the show. It’s Arab-centered when it should be more Muslim center like the name says. Because Arab doesn’t = Muslim.

3. From the commercials, it seems like they focus a lot on being patriotic. Now, don’t get me wrong…It’s important to love the country and want to do what is best for it…but my loyalities lie with Allah (God) first. I answer to Allah on all my actions, including what I do for my country.

I did see this preview and it just doesn’t make me want to watch it, to be honest.

Have you seen the show? What are your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “All American Muslim

  1. Lot’s of people form all sorts of opinions about this show but all i know is that it has to get all the support it can get. It’s going crazy on twitter how LOWES pulled out of Advertising and so on but we need to focus on the message and take out the negatives. From the trailer i saw it takes all perspectives of a Muslims living in USA and we have to defend that as much as we can even if we’re far away.

    My uncle works in aviation and he was effected big time after 2001.

    1. I see what you are saying, we shouldn’t focus on the negative of the show but some of the positive points.

      Yeah, a lot of Arabs and Muslims were effected by 9/11 and it sure hasn’t gotten easier.

  2. We’ve been following it and recording every episode so far.
    The show is like you said, takes a subset of Muslims and how fast it is for people to generalized based on that small subset. They simply do not represent the majority of the Arabs and Muslims in the US.

    Dearborn is considered the Arab Capital of the US. Which means it comes with certain issues. Like the Arabs and Muslims in it don’t have to dissolve into the society or become transparent like many other locations in the US. They just live knowing everyone in their street, and the street next to them and the whole town. They’re stuck in that immigrant mentality world.

    Additionally, most of these are either second generation or more. Although there’s nothing against that, the majority are first generation immigrants who bring a completely different twist on the issue.

    None of the people in the show is a successful professional, yet they all live in lavish roomy houses and talk all day about their next business. Clearly not your average immigrant.

    Then there is the issue of the all Shiite cast. I mean, when did all the Muslims become Shiites? We love and respect everyone’s religion and belief but the majority of Muslims are not Shiites! That’s a fact!

    Finally, it bugs the heck out of me when the simplest of Islamic rituals are misrepresented or performed incorrectly. Like the Athan with two “La ilaha illa Allah” at the end! Where did that come from?

    I will continue to watch the show, I really appreciate that someone has taken the time to do it. I just wish they did a little bit more in depth and were more diverse in their selection

    As for Lowes, who cares, they’re insignificant anyway!

    1. Yes, I agree with you about the immigrant mentality. They haven’t evolved but the second generation has tried to but with some hold backs from the old ways.

      Well, from what I have seen there was a football coach, policeman, and an athletic director. I would consider them professionals and I like that they are not the average professional, like a lawyer, doctor or accountant which is what we always see with immigrant communities.

      I did not see the Athan part, I guess. That would bug me as well!

      Very true but it’s interesting to see bigotry out in the open and discussed.

      All in All, I think they are taking some of the key words that have been heard on the news and trying to make it all fit into this show. Like, oppression, hijab, shiite, women and terrorism.

  3. I just watched the trailer and few clips. You were right about what reality shows are about. The purpose of reality shows is for entertainment ONLY including “All American Muslim.”
    Saying that, I don’t want to watch the show and I hope it stops airing because I think it causes more damage to Arabs’ image than doing any good.
    I am going to write a post about Lowe’s shameful decision though.

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