Baby, it’s cold outside.

The weather has been a hot topic lately. Obviously, it’s winter. (If you are living under a rock and didn’t notice the change)

I spent the last month in Jordan where winter was beginning to set in and I didn’t like it. My grandmother does not believe in turning on the central heating unit because she is always hot. This is my lovely grandma who also wears 5 layers of clothes. I, on the other hand, do not believe in wearing 5 layers. Maybe 2 but not 5. Jordan doesn’t get as cold as the US but at least you can feel warm in the US. In Jordan, I was always cold. It’s a different kind of cold, more bone chilling cold.

In the US, we have central heat and boy does it make a difference! I love central heat, I love being warm during the winter time.

As I embark on a new phase in my life, I find that sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Maybe I can handle the cold weather if I have someone who agrees that having central heat is an important feature in an apartment!

Thank Allah (God) for small favors and central heating!

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