A wedding and 3 potential suitors

This past week was my brothers wedding! Mabroook to them both! I wish them a full and happy life.

It was truly a great event. Lots of people, lots of dancing and lots of food which in my book equals to all good things. My calves hurt the next day from all the dancing I did, with my new dance moves that I learned from my younger cousins. (I wonder what I was doing while they were dancing? Another story for another time)

I was informed before the wedding that 3 suitors would be coming to “See me”. My family didn’t really tell me much about the guys and I just decided to let it go….okay, not really but I tried my best! As we were dancing the night away, one of my cousins informed me that my dad’s neighbor wanted to see me. I went over to say hello and she did the covert signaling thing. Another lady came up to me and I thinking she was someone from the family that I forgot(It’s hard to keep track of all our family members), greeted her warmly. She then informs me that she went to Umrah with my father and “would like to get to know me” This is how our conversation went.

Lady: I want to get to know you (All said in Arabic, of course)

Me: Blank Stare

Lady: How old are you?

Me: 26

Lady: I didn’t hear you.

Me. 26

Lady: Shocked look on her face. “Where do you work?”

Me: I don’t work in Jordan.

Lady: You don’t live here?

Me: No, I live in the US. I’m here for my brothers wedding.

Lady: Grumbles something.

I just walked away. What do you say to that? How do you respond in these situations?

I went back to our table and informed my family of the story. I think what got me the most was their reaction. “What?? Why did you say that? Why didn’t you say you would be willing to move to Jordan?”

I’m not good with being put on the spot, expected to perform. And for what? So, a guy might like me? Or his mom? I think not!

The rest of the wedding went well, I continued to get my dance on and at the end of the night. My dad informed me that another guy had introduced himself to my father on the men’s side and said he was there to see me.

2 down, and I don’t know what happened to the 3rd.

I think what bothered me the most was that I wasn’t given a choice. I was informed that these people were coming and it wasn’t a discussion. It felt like I didn’t have a choice, or that whatever choices I want to make for my life don’t matter as long as I get married. Marriage should be my end goal, but it isn’t. I was there to enjoy my brothers wedding, dance, visit with family and friends and be merry which I did…So, I guess in the end. It all worked out.

If you are wondering what happened with the potential suitors. Here is the story: That guy from the men’s side said he would wait for the person who set him up to come back from Palestine and the other 2…I honestly don’t know.

Oh, the joys of being set up!

10 thoughts on “A wedding and 3 potential suitors

  1. 1. y weren`t we invited! ha , ha!

    ألف مبرووووووووووك
    alf mabrooooooooooooooooook

    2. there r training courses for that now btw :Pp , heheeee

  2. The last wedding I left the hall and went to KFC and enjoyed a greasy meal , felt great and then went back to the wedding at the end , still you had fun and and those setups didnt bother you that much ,
    women are like that in jordan treats you like goods too bad but its

    1. I believe one of my cousins did that…He went and got food somewhere and then came back to the wedding!

      It’s my brothers wedding, I wasn’t going to let anything ruin the fun 🙂

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