Lessons learned from movies

I recently re-watched the twilight movies gearing up for the release of the 4th movie part 1. (A girl can have guilty pleasures, thank you!)

In the 3rd movie, Jacob says to Belle that he is “right for her” and she obviously doesn’t love him that way. She is in-love with Edward who isn’t the easier choice. I’m not even sure he is the better choice..but I digress.

Jacob in this story, is the person who is more stable. There isn’t much risk in being associated with him. Unlike Edward, who wants to kill her and she is always in danger around him. YET, she still chooses him because she loved Edward and just won’t settle for who is a better choice.

This got me thinking about my life and the choices I have made. (See, there is hope for me after all)

There have been many times when I have chosen to take the hard road because the easy road was fraught with complacency and just mediocre life but the hard road is full of excitement and challenges. Sometimes the hard road is the one that leads us to a better future and sometimes we just fall flat on our faces and learn. (I’m good at falling) 

I have seen a lot of friends settle for a guy because he was good enough not everything they wanted but he was there and acceptable. I’m sure they are happy and all but will they be just happy, and is there anything wrong with just being happy? This again brings me back to Edward and Belle, do we really want to believe the movies that things would have really worked out for them in real life? I mean, because they chose this road does that mean a happily ever after is waiting for them? Maybe, but maybe not.

Happily ever after is full of curves, and those curves are a little unhappy.

I will leave you with Happy by Leona Lewis

6 thoughts on “Lessons learned from movies

    1. Ah, it’s bad acting and sappy story but it’s a guilty pleasure! Actually, the book is at a 4th grade reading level and super easy to get through…give yourself a couple of hours and get through it!

      Awww, I’m sorry to hear that!

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