How it all started…

Someone recently asked me when I became interested in photography. I have always admired photography but I can pinpoint the picture that made me like it even more.

I was in Las Vegas for a conference with the student government at my college, as we were driving down Las Vegas blvd. I took this picture:

I took this picture with my first digital camera and my interest in photography took off from there. I didn’t think it would work out the way it did, but it’s fate. Photography and I have been friends ever since.

Over the years, I became more interested in photography but when I moved to Jordan that is where I really started to take notice. I will give credit to 7iber photography meet ups for that. It really opened up my eyes to something new and pushed me to explore my craft. Also, Jordan just has so many amazing sights that taking pictures was easy there.

Since I have moved back to the US, I have been able to take it a step further and purchase a DSLR and the rest is history…in the making.


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