Free Associating.

I have too many thoughts. Ideas. Feelings. I can’t make them stop. Can’t stop the beat. Won’t stop the beat. Someone please stop me. Stop me from feeling. Feeling this pain. This pain that makes me alive. Alive for what? What, I’m not sure. Sure is something we want but don’t have. Have things that make us live. Live for something more. More than what we are. Are what we would like them to be. Be something more. More than a thought, an idea, a song. Song is what keeps me going. Going somewhere. Where? I’m not sure. Sure that someday I will be. Be something. Something that will change. Change the world. World is a place that is too small. Small is something I aspire to be. Be somewhere, something with someone. Someone who cares. Cares for what? What is the point of trying? Trying to be be better. Better than our parents. Parents are supposed to shelter, care, and love. Love is not real. Real things. Things are not happening. Happening to me? Me is an abstract. Abstract thoughts, feelings and places. Places, too many places I want to be. Be with you. You are the one. One is just a number. Numbers are endless and so are my thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Free Associating.

  1. wow , I mean it , wow , I feel dizzy reading this stream of thoughts
    I cant say I feel the same but you said it all and loud and clear
    I take a bow , I take off my hat
    If I didnt know youI would have said this girl had an XLarge Cup of extra strong coffee
    I need one now

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