Taking Detours

This past weekend, I went back to my old city to do some work and visit friends…(Okay, it was more work).

On my way back, I was driving on the highway that I have driven on a million times…I pass this bridge that I just think is beautiful and picturesque…So, I decided to stop.

After navigating a couple of back roads, U-turns and a little walking…I got there, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The trail was silent and I spooked myself a couple of times with an unexpected whistle (I can’t whistle) and crunching of the leaves. I did hear gun fire in the distance, as well.

I just love the location of this bench!


After I left the trail, I was driving along and realized that I had a unique opportunity to see the moon rise and the sun set. So, I attempted to take pictures. (No, your screen isn’t dirty. Those are bugs that have decided to grace the windshield.)

I also learned that it is never a good idea to drive and take pictures…

but they look pretty!

My detour was worth it in the end…Sometimes, detours are a good thing.

Have you taken a detour lately?

6 thoughts on “Taking Detours

  1. I do it all the time. I rather take a long scenic route than a short in-town route.
    Unfortunately, those green trees are soon to be leafless. Winter is coming 😦

  2. First of all Super Super Nice Shots
    about talking detours I used to say “i know its not the same ” “Shortcuts leads to no where ”
    I used to feel pessimistic about changing my rout “Driving ”
    But in you case I am amazed of the lovely images you took 🙂 But take that as a complement you take super shots that you should send the bridge’s picture in full resolution so I can enjoy it as a background
    I love to walk in routs I never been to I love the feeling of finding new scene , eating in a new place or even meeting new people

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