When life hands you…

two different shoes, you laugh!

I have been really busy this past week with work, packing and moving. It’s been hectic with trying to see people at the last minute and getting all things in order.

Today is no different. I have been trying to do last minute things and had dinner plans with some friends..as I was running out the door, late. I put on my shoes and didn’t pay attention. When I was at the restaurant, it occurred to me that I didn’t pay attention to my shoe selection. I looked down and realized that I had put on 2 different pairs!

Yeah, not even the same color.


This made me laugh…and I needed it.

Hey, at least I can still laugh at myself.


6 thoughts on “When life hands you…

  1. loooooooooool

    I have never done so! Socks = yes
    but shoes = not yet 😛

    U r gonna win the packing and moving award of the year! lool

  2. you are not alone, I’v done that couple of times at least in my life
    still one comment says that you are started a new trend 😉
    to be honest I liked the yellow one more 😛

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